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What Is A Mother's Blessing?...

If you have a friend or family member you would like to spotlight with love and support for her upcoming labor and journey into motherhood, A Mother Blessing is a wonderful way to honor the pregnant self.

During the gathering, friends of the mother come together to give her support and encouragement as she awaits the start of labor. It’s usually a spiritual event on some level and can hold elements sacred to the mother's religion.  Or if the mother-to-be prefers to withhold her religious preference the event may still be spiritual in that all those present are offering up positive energy and love.  

There are different activities done at this event to show support for the expectant mother, as well as, give her something tangible to keep with her during birth. 

Mother Blessing Services Include;

A Mother's Blessing is typically held in the expectant mother's home to create a sacred and positive environment in which to labor in on the baby's birth day.  As the Host I will organize your friends and family and bring everyone and everything to you.  This includes food and drinks, the supplies for each activity and arrange a Henna Artist to be present.  Belly Casting is also an option.

  • Flowers: The expectant mother is a goddess and as such should be adorned like one!
  • Beads : Each guest invited is asked to bring a bead that they have specifically chosen for the expectant mother.  The bead will be strung together to make a labor necklace.  A mother is able to draw strength from her necklace during birth by remembering the love and support that her family and friends put into choosing each bead.
  • Yarn : Guests may sit in a circle and string yarn around their wrist as a reminder to pray for the mom each day until the baby arrives.  Once the mom goes into labor the yarn is cut off and a final prayer goes up. 
  • Belly Henna : Is applied to the mother's belly as a blessing for a safe birth and a celebration of new life.  It is a symbol of good luck.

Fee's for this service range from $175 - $200.  Please contact me at If you're interested in learning more.