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Doula in Northern Virginia
Placenta Love

I encapsulate via the Traditional Chinese Medicine method and offer the placenta in vegan gel capsules.

If the umbilical cord is given with the placenta I dehydrate it for the parents as a keepsake. Depending on it's length and your wishes the umbilical cord can be made into different shapes or words / letters that are meaningful to the parents.  (pictures coming)

I also offer prints like this as a keepsake.

Placenta benefits women during life transitions:
 Helps uterus contract back to normal size
 Promotes lactation
o Validated by scientific research
o Principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
 Combats fatigue – TCM principle
 Helps stop/lessen postnatal bleeding
 Improves mood by balancing postpartum hormone fluctuations
 Lots of anecdotal evidence from women whose placenta has helped them have a better postpartum recovery
 Placenta also useful during menopause